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tv   Mosaic  CBS  June 8, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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>> part of the research before columbus but definitely after columbus with percentage of african slaves with 20% according to some research.
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talk about that.
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>> an organization can give you a call. >> exactly. if people want to learn about the faith we go to schools. we go to people's homes if they have a book club. we go to rotary clubs. anywhere people want to learn more. >> that's program one. what is program two? >> it is mainly health care, law enforcement, educators and corporations that we tailor to be more flexible for different needs. program three is the interface speakers bureau where we take the same model, instead of take one speak we take either two, three or five speakers. which is more challenging locating speakers. we are always looking for speakers. we are always open to having
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new speakers. they talk about a topic of choice. the person requesting the presentation, it should be shared values and living with faith in the bay area. it could be contemporary issues like the environment. every speaker will briefly talk about their faith and jump into the topic. when we are on the panel we learn a lot about each other. >> inner faith, inner faith is what you are saying. >> we learn about the jewish and christian speakers. >> same topic. different perspectives. >> exactly. >> you said you help people distinguish between muslim and
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islamic. >> islam is a religion. it is translated to mean submission to god or peace. when people say islam which means peace is same root at slam. a practitioner who practices peace, you would not refer to them as a islamic person. you only use that for a nonhuman. islamic art or networks. you would not call someone an islamic person. you call them a muslim. >> thank you very much. i wasn't clear on that. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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we are talk about matters islam, particularly the islamic networks group.
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who are you? how did you get into this? >>i'm the director of content. i help to write a lot of presentations we end up delivering. the actual text. we train and certify our speakers to present things in a way that is not protheltizing. we try to talk about religion the way we talk about any other religion. >> you live in the east bay? >> i do. >> how did you get here? >> my dad is originally from india. came here 50 years ago to complete his phd. met my mom who of caucasian origin. my mom slowly converted. by the time i was in high school i was fairly practicing. i grew up in colorado.
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not a lot of muslims there. a lot of misunderstanding. it is during the iran hostage crisis. i found myself in high school explaining things and being a bridge. i see myself be a bridge between cultures and religions to help the world understand each other better. i'm fully american. i'm fully muslim. i love my religion. the more i can do to help people see there is not a contradiction the better i feel about myself. some audiences will have someone there to give you a hard time. if you are patient and sincere, they will usually, by the end of it, learn a little bit more and hopefully overcome some of the stereotypes people have. we are all humans. all humans have stereotypes. we have to be able to reck
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niece that. >> one thing to take away from this interview is what you just said. fully american. fully islamic person practicing. and is neighbors next door. it is a matter of learning about one another. again, telegus about your organization and how we can get in touch with you. >> it is islamic networks you can go on our website. we provide all of the information about our programs. people can go on the website and request a presentation. educators can access a lot of our curriculum online and be able to download that. it is for anyone interested in becoming an inner faith speaker. we are always looking for speakers. it would be wonderful. >> we are grateful for you coming on "mosiac." stay with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. we are joined by stefan salinas who has written a children's book entitled "catholic churches for all." you wrote a book about catholic churches and illustrated about those in san francisco. >> correct. >> how do you get an idea to do this? >> the idea came up several years ago. i read one time a writer said if you are going to write about something write about something
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you are really interested in. it will take you two years to work on it and two years to promote it. so you better be interested. since i was a little one i love the art and architecture of catholic churches and other churches and temples of faith. as an artist and an interest of spirituality there is something about a mix of making a space that will collect us in and take us to a higher place. when i started looking around for examples of children's books there were few and far between. there was one about a cathedral. there is one inside a catholic church by michael king. those were the only two about catholic churches. i thought there is 78 million catholics in world. there is 50 parishes in san francisco. when i started piecing it together in my mind, well i
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wanted to be able to personally visit every church and focus not only on the grand one or historic ones that tourists go to, but ones an every day person goes to. kids up until 8 years old they usually go to their parish down the treat. is it modern? humble? what kind of cultures are in there? there is so much rich diversity here in san francisco. >> let's get to that. you have written a book about catholic churches big and small in san francisco. let's go to an illustration. there is the cover of it. we have family who is going in. we have the stained glass windows with the christ. these are symbols. here is san francisco. what are we seeing? >> we are seeing every church
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there, including three that are now closed. one converted into a buddhist church. i wanted to get beyond the bay. it is an old model. this is san francisco or new york, one of those kind of book series. i thought we'll do that. >> you are going to tell us, through the eyes of a children's book, which is really for we adults, as well. you are going to tell us about the architecture and the symbols. probably the best known symbol of roman catholicism is that. >> that is a cathedral here. >> what does cathedral mean? >> it is the head church in a
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catholic region. we call it diocese. archdiocese is a larger diocese that have taken over a couple diocese. >> that looks like a faithful. said it is called the washing machine. >> the agitator. >> basically it is the hat of a bishop. >> that is supposed to be the hat. i don't mind the agitator. it is cleaning and agitating and stirring things up a little bit. that's one thing i have yet to see in much of children's literature is a celebration of more modern architecture with churches. it is the same old looking stereotypical roman church. >> one thing your book does is focus on the things which are the same. kelly is going to bring up another image. on the left, what part of the
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church are we looking at? >> there is behind the alter. we have a beautiful painting. on the left is st. bonefus. on the right is st. thomas. >> in the blue up top there are a bunch of figures. who are they? >> i would need to look at them more closely. >> other paintings depict other biblical scenes. it is a teaching through painting. >> the one on the right is jesus himself. i like how the art tells a story with a different tune. the one on the left is like how chorus, with all the different parts. the one on the right is a modern phillip glass stark.
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>> is this a particular church in san francisco? >> st. thomas is the one on the right. >> this is great. so we have here, they look like stained glass windows to me. >> correct. >> stained glass windows, through the ages were used to tell stories. tell us about the one on the left. >> the one on the left, this is jesus turning the water into wine. and the wedding in kayna. the one on the right is the blessed matter, the virgin mary. the one on the left is at st. vincent. the one on the right is at st. paul the ship wreck. >> very different artistic renderings. i love the water into wine.
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i see jesus sitting there. his mother comes over and says son they are out of wine. he said what do you want me to do about it? i always get the feeling he said, oh mom, i don't really do that stuff. you save the best wine of last. it is the biblical analogy of late coming of christ. the one on the right, you don't have to interpret this for us, but you have symbols on either side of the virgin. then you have three images up on top. each is very, very powerful. >> the spirit coming down. >> oh, okay, that's a descending dove. these convey biblical stories and theological messages. let's go on. here's your church.
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tell us basically -- because a lot of the books catholic churches big and small is explaining architecture. walk us through this. >> this is the star of the sea. next page i have the interior. it shows the basic form that most churches try to follow. >> translated means? >> they are in the shape of a crucifix, in the shape of a cross. >> i would say cross. i would not buy into crucifix. >> oh, yeah, cross. >> you can see that in the roof working out from the spires. there is the shape of the cross. what else do we see? >> the main part where the
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congregation sit. it is where the duties are performed. the image is a vestable. it is called the crossing between the name and sanctuary, there is a crossing on either side. >> what do you do besides write children's books? >> i'm working on illustrations further of books. and finer painting. >> are these your illustrations? >> yes. i have been lucky enough to get a few commissions in churches themselves. this is after the fact after i had been working on this. i designed stained glass of st. francis negotiating with a wolf. i have done an icon of the holy spirit decenting in the church
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of the visitation. these were all blessings. this stuff i loved all my life. it is for me a meditation. it is a way to go beyond thing in a museum or something someone purchases and they put it in their closet. this is a tool to help us get to something better. this book is just a tool. the churches are just a tool. >> are you from the bay area? >> i'm from houston, texas. i move here 14 years ago. >> spiritual journey you said you started out as a spiritualist. why roman palaces? >> i have always been interested in many religions. i have had a lot of friends that are catholic. i started working alongside catholics and volunteering. >> and now you are one? >> it wasn't just that. >> we have to go.
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catholic churches big and small. look for it. thank you. we'll see you again next month.
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>> welcome to bay sunday. i'm frank mallicoat. good to have you on board. we'd love to hear from you. and hopefully we can get in touch. we begin at the movies. and the longest running lbgt film on the planet. 214 films, 30 plus countries. all yours to see. it's frame line 38 film festival and we are delighted to have to bay sunday. how are you, guys? welcome aboard. it keeps getting better an


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